With the prevalence of iPhones today, It’s to no surprise people want to use them to watch VR Sex Videos from a comfortable position and from a device that they’re used to using. Unfortunately iPhones make it a significant bit harder to set up your VR porn watching experience than Android or Nokia phones do. Unlike those, on an iPhone you won’t have a dedicated VR gear, like the Samsung phones do, instead you’ll need to settle for another one. Now, due to all these difficulties, here we’ll present you with a simple tutorial how to get VR sex videos to run on your iPhone.

Firstly, you’ll need a good enough iPhone, not just every dusty old phone will do for this, due to the intense hardware requirements of VR porn, we suggest using only an iPhone 6 or above so that you’d get an at least serviceable resolution in your watching experience.

Second you’ll need a headset, luckily there’s a myriad of these to choose from. The field is only getting bigger so we’ll let you take your pick here based on budget, from the ultra cheap Google cardboard to the quite expensive Oculus Rift, any of these will suffice for watching VR porn.

Thirdly, you’ll need to find your videos, we recommend using the virtualrealporn app to do this, as it’ll let you download head tracked, full length videos for free. Obviously, you’ll also need a media player compatible with the format, however iPhones already have this pre-set most of the time, so you won’t need to mess around much with that.

However, we still recommend getting a dedicated app, while the default iPhone setup MIGHT sometimes be enough to run VR videos, why not download the mobile VR station for FREE and be able to do that same thing for no cost? This way you’ll guarantee yourself a much better and smoother viewing experience. It also comes with the awesome feature of navigating the world of it with your headset, so you don’t need to hassle yourself with setting everything up before putting your headset on.

Next, navigate to your website of choice if you’re streaming your porn, and click the headset icon, you want the website to calibrate itself to the headset you’re using so you’d get a fully optimized experience of your video. After this you’re done! Just kick back and enjoy your glorious VR porn video off your iPhone.

Overall, watching excellent VR sex videos on your iPhone isn’t as much difficult, as there is a myth being perpetuated lately that iPhones aren’t good for it and that if you want to watch VR porn you should only get an Android phone, as we’ve shown so far, this is entirely false, as iPhones are more than capable of displaying the same VR content that an Android phone might be, even if setup might be a bit more annoying to go through.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this insightful tutorial, and if you wish to check out more, feel free to visit our website!