DIY Explainer Videos For Free: A How To Guide

You might be wondering why explainer videos are all the rage now.

No doubt, video marketing is now among the hottest commodities when it comes to promoting a service or a product. Why switch to animated videos when it is so easy to just share links to your website?

Animated videos get more attention and are generally more engaging than simple image posts. This is also why more and more businesses use videos for sales and promotions.

If you’ve been holding off because you think animated videos are hard to make, worry no more. We have here a step-by-step guide in making your very own DIY video. We tell you, it is easier than it seems.

  1. Write an outline. As with other marketing plans, an outline is always the backbone of the video. After all, the content of the outline should be reflected well in your animated video. To be able to do an engaging and entertaining video, your outline should be clear and concise as well. This will also help you focus on how your video should turn out.
  2. Do a narration. A video could be a little hard to comprehend without a narration. Make sure to match the tone of your voice to the theme of your video. Informative videos such as introduction and launches should use a perky tone to keep your audience engaged. You should also remember to make it as simple as possible, to make sure people from different walks of life would be able to relate.
  3. Make a storyboard. Use your outline in making this one, to make sure you stay on track as far as your objectives are concerned. Include additional details such as the images you wish to use, when to put the narration, and what sound effects you think would make the video more engaging. It is best to include illustrations, so you have a visual feel of how the video should look like. Not good in sketching? Try to ask someone who draws well to help you in this step.
  4. Use an online video making tool. There are tons of selections in the internet. There are many options to choose from, ranging from whiteboard animation, cartoon, and minimalist. Themes and templates come plenty as well. There is no clear limit on what you can do with video animations. Remember to explore the net and read reviews before paying for any premium tool. Also, play and explore with built in effects and free themes. You can even try to make a video of different themes so you can choose which one to publish later on.
  5. Put them all together. Once you have decided which theme and template, as well as which tool to use, you can then put all the video elements together. This includes motion graphics, animations, narration, and sound effects. You are free to have fun and be creative, just remember not to stray too far from your objective—to create an informative video that will engage your audience and promote your services.

You see, while it is true that animation videos take more work than simple posts, it is not as hard as we think it is. We just have to put our mind into it, and focus on what matters, which is simply to get our message across our audience in a more creative way.