How Much Does It Cost to Make a Video?

Today, videos are making the market blooms more. In fact, video marketing is one of the most favorite strategies in the market today. Brands are maximizing its potential to promote their business. But, like anything, there is a cost for making a video. The cost affects by the tools you will use and the talent you will get. The type of video you will make also affects the total costing.


There are a lot of tools you need to use once you make a video. These include props, mic, camera, production, lightings, video editor, platform, etc. If you are a beginner, the tools may cost you more. You can rent tools online or have a studio rental services. The rate starts from $100. It may costs you around $1000 for complete rental services. If you already have the tools, then it will be a lot easier.


This may refer to the people or company you will rent a service to. It may be a popular person to showcase the brand, a production company to get their professional service, a video editor, and a graphic designer. If you want to get a famous influencer like a showbiz celebrity or a social media star, it will cost you a lot. The cost depends on the talent fee of the influencer you are getting. You may also need to consider the agency fee of the talent you will hire. Social media star is a way cheaper than showbiz personalities. For some, you can get them for an exchange deal. The costs can be product exchange to talent or in terms of monetary. It may costs you around $50 per hour for a social media start. For a production company, you can find the cheapest at around $1,000 including all the tools you need. Most production company costs around $5,000 per minute of video.

Amateur Videos

Usually, it is done personally. If you have what it takes to make one, you can save a lot of money. With making your own video, you can download tools for editing. When it comes to the production, you can setup a studio-like structure. Make sure to add some lightings. You can watch some videos on how to make an HD video without hiring a professional. Or you can also go to a professional studio and shoot your video there. It may costs you around $100 per hour for the renting. For editing, you can download a free video editor.

Professional Videos

If your brand is high-end, it is better to hire a professional video maker service. It pays the cost in the long run. The average rate of a professional in this field is $5,000 per minute. Let say, you are aiming fora 2-minute video to introduce your brand, then prepare an amount of around $10,000. You don’t need to worry about anything, if you have the concept, then leave it to the professionals.

Whatever the costs of video making, the benefits are priceless. Brands are using videos to promote, get leads, and improve sales rate. Video making is a one-time cost only, so the perks are greater than the cost.