Things To Know When Selecting Music For Your Videos

Making video animations might seem hard and a bit overwhelming at first, but when you get the hang of it and get used to the tools, it is actually fun. You can even say that making it is simply as engaging as watching it.

Coming up with a finished video entails quite a lot of brainstorming and outlining to make sure you hit the perfect balance between creativity and substance. Videos are more engaging than links and pictures online because of the animation, but it shouldn’t stop there. Now that more and more businesses have switched to using animated videos for marketing, you should make a conscious effort to make your videos stand out.

How? There are various details you can add to make sure your videos show to be a cut from the rest. Add narration and voice overs, as well as music that can set the proper ambiance to the kind of message you want to get across your audience.

How do we decide the kind of music we should use for our marketing videos?

  • Watch explainer videos with the same message you want to imply. This is not to tell you to copy, but to just see what is appropriate and what is not. If you are making an introduction video, check published videos of the same nature and listen to the music they use. From there, you will have an idea of what works.
  • Make sure your music doesn’t overpower your narration. If it does, it defeats the purpose right there and then. When the narration plays, the background music should fade out, and then start fading in once it is done.
  • Use music to emphasize a point. We all know how a background music helps emotions run high on a movie, which is how it should also work in marketing videos. Do not overuse the music. Just place it where you think it is needed to truly make the most out of it.
  • Be careful with the genre you use. If you are making a video to promote bookkeeping services, are you going to use heavy metal music as your background? We think not. There are many genres that can pass off as entertaining and engaging, most of which are into the perkier side. There is nothing wrong to explore different types, as long as you know it goes well with your message.
  • Choose an instrumental track. As much as possible, an instrumental track should be preferred when making videos. Its pacing is generally more appropriate, and is easy to use as intro and ending music for animated videos, as compared to those with singing voices.

The music you choose as background can either make or break your video. The trick is to make sure you choose something that your audience can identify with, and at the same time match the business you’re in. The better your choice of music is, the better your market can be affected the way you want them to be. Find your rhythm, and then go from there.